Designing Your Online Course: Learning From an Expert


Designing Your Online Course: Learning From an Expert

Interview with Christine Voelker, K–12 module executive for Quality Matters.

Online courses, open educational resources (OER) and practical schools are all a fury nowadays.

Christine Voelker teaches other teachers how to build their possess online courses.
She’s a K–12 module executive for Quality Matters, a nonprofit educational classification formed in Annapolis, MD.

Voelker’s got a credentials in childhood preparation and library science. She has also helped start libraries and 3 code new schools — one elementary, one center and one high school. Plus, she has endless knowledge in starting and progressing online courses. At a ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) discussion in San Antonio, TX, she will be presenting “Designing Your Online Course” Sunday, Jun 25 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Preregistration and an additional price ($239) is required.

Christine Voekler. Photo by Jay Mallin.

THE Journal: How did your organization, Quality Matters, start?

Christine Voelker: We are a nonprofit. We’re formed out of Maryland. It’s flattering most a practical organization. Quality Matters began with a tiny organisation of colleagues in the MarylandOnline, Inc. (MOL) consortium who were perplexing to solve a common problem among institutions: how do we magnitude and pledge a peculiarity of a course? This doubt was generally critical as institutions began to emanate a complement where they could share accessible seats in their online courses with other institutions. They indispensable a approach to safeguard march peculiarity — that courses would be homogeneous — for their students, regardless of where a march originated.

In 2003 MOL summarized how a Quality Matters module could emanate a scalable routine for march peculiarity assurance, and practical for a Fund for a Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) extend from a U.S. Department of Education. As word widespread that there was now a apparatus for assuring peculiarity opposite courses, some-more institutions became meddlesome and concerned in a QM process. By a finish of a three-year extend period, we had lerned 694 counterpart reviewers from 154 institutions in 28 states, and we had conducted some-more than 100 march reviews. While QM could have been only another firm news on a shelf somewhere, everybody saw a certain impact of a QM Rubric and counterpart examination process. As a result, we stretched QM’s peculiarity declaration collection and veteran growth to embody organizations outward of a aloft preparation sector, including K–12, stability and veteran education, march publishers and preparation use providers.

In 2014 we began handling as a standalone nonprofit classification to enlarge a strech worldwide, build new partnerships, and take on a larger care purpose as we continue to champion peculiarity declaration in online training and yield a bullion customary for certifying a peculiarity of online courses and programs.

THE Journal: Do we beam students by online courses, or do we learn teachers how to make online courses and how to indoctrinate online?

Voelker: we don’t beam students by online courses. we assistance schools rivet with collection and resources to rise and broach peculiarity online courses. My pursuit essentially is to work with schools that are building online courses, or to assistance them make good decisions about online courses. There are schools and districts who have a ability to go it alone. At QM, we have many veteran growth opportunities for teachers to assistance them with this process. Our Continuing and Professional Education Program helps them with a resources and collection to pattern peculiarity veteran growth opportunities for their teachers.