HEC launches secure, strong online grade profession complement …


The Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan has launched a totally secure and strong online grade profession complement by that field can request for profession of their degrees while sitting during home.

HEC has combined a new portal that a field will use for online registration and origination of account. The complement has been developed to promote grade holders with a hassle-free resource where they will no longer have to mount in queues for profession of their documents.

The applicant might now fill an online focus form and upload his/her scanned documents. After submission, a focus will primarily be scrutinised online by HEC. The applicant will afterwards accept an email or SMS to report his revisit during one of HEC offices in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar or Quetta.

On scheduled date and time, a applicant will move all his/her strange papers along with a duplicate of a same and accept attested degrees within a brief time. In box a applicant sends someone else on scheduled time, that chairman should lift an management minute from a applicant.

The applicant might also get his/her degrees attested by bearer service. In this case, he/she will name a mode of profession by bearer and will contention papers and price with a bearer association whose sum are accessible on a portal.

For PhD applicants, a corroboration routine is formed on dual steps. From dashboard, a field will be navigated to PhD Country Directory (PCD) and a complement will make a hunt on a basement of CNIC or email residence supposing by a user. The user will afterwards supplement PCD sequence series and fill in a information corroboration form. HEC will determine a record for successive attestation.

The field can also re-schedule their revisit in box of disaster to revisit on a time prescribed earlier. The new complement also provides a trickery of tracking a focus online.

It is impending to discuss here that a new complement for grade profession has been associated to Pakistan Qualification Register (PQR). Unless a grade programme is listed in PQR, a applicant will not be means to ensue for attestation. In this case, a applicant can hit a focal chairman of his/her university seeking for entrance of a programme in PQR. List of focal persons is accessible during a profession portal.

Though infancy of universities have been completing a entries on PQR proactively, however some universities whose response is delayed are being suggested to enter their grade programmes in PQR during a beginning so as to streamline profession and other associated processes. Further sum of a new online profession routine are accessible during hec.gov.pk/site/das

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