Seagull Launches JRC ECDIS Training Module

Maritime training provider Seagull announced a recover of an apparatus specific training procession for Japan Radio Co Ltd (JRC)’s ECDIS systems.

Developed in tighten team-work with JRC, one of a world’s heading ECDIS manufacturers, this latest further to Seagull’s endless library of eLearning modules is designed to yield navigators with apparatus specific familiarisation training for a JRC ECDIS (JAN- 701B, JAN-901B, JAN-2000, JAN-901M and JAN-701).

Targeting rug officers, a new march will concede shipowners and operators with JRC ECDIS on house their ships to accommodate a recently introduced regulatory requirement for apparatus specific training in further to general ECDIS training.

Seagull has grown a stretch training course, entirely authorized by JRC, consisting of eLearning procession 4014 and a specific procession involving a JRC ECDIS. Course topics embody switching on and environment adult a JRC ECDIS correctly; confirming that a ECDIS is in entirely operational status; and accessing a menu complement and man-machine interface. In further a march will sight navigators in how to use a JRC ECDIS many effectively to devise a thoroughfare and how to manipulate charts and other information.

Once a seafarer has successfully finished a stretch march Seagull will emanate him/her with a march diploma saying that JRC apparatus specific training authorized by a manufacturer has been undertaken.

Roger Ringstad, Managing Director, Seagull AS, says: “One of a biggest hurdles confronting boat owners and operators is a need for both general and apparatus specific ECDIS training to approve with a STCW Manila Amendments. Companies might have several opposite systems in their swift and seafarers will have to have finished a right training any time they join a boat in that fleet. The some-more systems a association has a some-more training courses they will have to provide.”

Seagull believes a new march will offer a series of advantages to owners and operators that use JRC ECDIS. Mr Ringstad points out: “Seafarers can take this march possibly on house a boat or in a shipping association bureau ashore. Consequently there is a good understanding of coherence as a training can be carried out during a time and place that is many convenient.”

“Our apparatus specific training courses equivocate a need for companies to send organisation for classroom-based training supposing by a manufacturer,” says Mr Ringstad. “There is usually singular space on such courses and therefore some companies infrequently have to wait utterly a prolonged time before space becomes available. By regulating eLearning there is no need to book, enabling shipping companies to respond fast to rising training needs. There are also advantages in terms of cost, as they do not have to compensate for seafarers to transport to attend classroom training courses.”

The apparatus specific training for JRC ECDIS is accessible now.